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Ice sculpture is a sculpture work of
a "once-in-a-lifetime chance."

It is transitory by the materials, such as bronze, FRP, wood carving, and the fate of ice sculpture is short-lived.
However, otherwise, what shakes the feeling pitiably made valuable to a thing also beautifully transitory as people's feelings is incomparable.
It could just be called the real thrill of ice sculpture.
Moreover, being finished for a short time is also set to one of the things incomparable otherwise.
Although myself and ice sculpture are begun and about 40 year passes, it wished and believed that this culture was recognized by people in the world, and, as for domestic, I have performed the business trip short course etc. to many countries from the first at the beginning of the U.S. for ice sculpture spread.
While many people help, difficulty can be overcome, and the reward for its labor of 士 and others of much love will make a flower bloom, and will make a fruit just bear with the reason for having resulted in development of the present ice sculpture community by many ice engravers' young devices and efforts.
It is wishing participating, just deepening friendship mutually and being connected to more advanced technology exchange and improvement to especially the world congress held in the case of the Winter Olympics held once in four years.
The scenery which admires ice sculpture is it is cultural and rich in peace.
It is the intention to believe the further development, and to try hard and go with you.

ICJ chairman Mitsuo Shimizu

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